Offspring Chlorine-Free Fashion Diaper, PANT or PULL UP

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Size: Pant L (9-14kg)

Pant M (6-11kg)
Pant L (9-14kg)
Pant XL (12-20kg)
Pant XXL (15-23kg)

Design: Animalaysia

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Tags: Newborn Pant
  • Superior Absorbency - Dual-core technology for better absorbency and keeps baby’s bum dry.
  • Superior Comfort - Compressed technology & embossed soft topsheet for better breathability and ultimate dryness on baby’s bum.
  • Flexible Structure - Advanced double leakguards & super elastic waistband to prevent blowout and leakages.
  • Mindfully Made - Made with sustainable woodpulp from FSC resources.
  • Non-Toxic - Made without chlorine, dyes, odour masking agents or fragrances, optical brighteners, latex and toxic ink.
  • Stylish & Adorable Design - Seasonal design that created with ink that’s free of lead and heavy metal. 
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Pant M (6-11kg), Pant L (9-14kg), Pant XL (12-20kg), Pant XXL (15-23kg)


Animalaysia, Forestia