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Item: LBG Step 4 Grain

LBG Step 4 Grain
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DONATHING stands for DONATE THING, and we believe in donating items instead of cash. Many times, when you donate cash, a significant portion of it may go towards the fundraiser's "operating cost" instead of directly benefiting the intended charity, making donation a profitable business rather than a purely charitable cause.

With DONATHING, we aim to change this by finding out who the charities are and what they truly need, so that we can provide those items directly to them. We can't do this alone, which is why we need the support of online shoppers like you. We listed out a wide range of items for just RM1 each, and you can choose from these items and check out with the recipient details in your cart. Your role as a donor is simple yet meaningful - identify people or charities in need, choose from our listed items, and help us by writing a short review of who you donated to and how other donors can reach out to them. 

Why RM1 & Why Shipping Fee is Not Covered?

The RM1 listing price covers the excess shipping costs, such as those incurred due to overweight items, and any remaining profit after platform fees and extra delivery charges will be rolled into Happy Kind Giving, our open and transparent donation pool. 

As for the shipping fee, it is charged separately by the platform and courier. We do not profit from the shipping fee, as it is solely used to cover the logistics and transportation costs associated with delivering the donated items to the recipients. By charging a shipping fee separately, we can ensure transparency in the process and allow donors to see the actual costs associated with shipping the items to their chosen recipients.

Where Are The Items From?

As a baby store, we have various returned & pre-owned items, expiring and expired non-perishable food items, as well as free gifts and samples that we want to donate to those in need or charity houses.

We also want to emphasize that expired non-perishable food items may still be safe to consume, as expiration and best before dates usually indicate a loss of freshness, taste, aroma, or nutrients, but not necessarily food safety issues. Most of our food items are non-perishable and shelf-stable, meaning they can be kept in the pantry without going bad. While we take precautions to ensure the food items we donate are unopened and not exposed to air or prone to contamination, we cannot take responsibility for any food safety issues that may arise.

Together, We Can Make A Real Difference

In the future, we envision collaborating with our partners to offer more donated items. This would allow us to source a wider variety of items, such as baby essentials, toys, clothes, and more, directly from our suppliers, who may generously donate excess inventory or samples for charitable purposes. By leveraging our existing business relationships, our donors can choose from a broader selection of donated items to be sent to their chosen recipients, while also facilitating the donation of brand new, unused items that are in good condition and can benefit those in need.

With DONATHING, we aim to facilitate meaningful donations through e-commerce platforms, by redirecting excess inventory or samples towards charitable donations, thereby reducing waste and benefiting donors, recipients, and our business in a positive and transparent manner.

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  • LBG Step 4 Grain : Expire 31 Jan 2024
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LBG Step 4 Grain