MAM Teats, SkinSoft Silicone Nipples for Baby Bottles

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Size: 1 (0M+)

1 (0M+)
2 (2M+)
3 (4M+)
Spill-Free (4M+)
X (6M+)
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SkinSoft Silicone Teat feels like mom’s breast when breastfeeding: Ideal to switch between breast and bottle

Babies love the feeling of soft skin. That‘s why the MAM Teat was developed with its special SkinSoft silicone surface. It feels smooth and ultra soft, just like mom’s skin. The flat teat is shaped like mom’s nipple during breastfeeding and therefore fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. This makes switching between breast and bottle feeding so much easier.

MAM bottle teats come in six different sizes to ensure that the size of the flow rate is always perfectly matched to baby’s requirements and the type of food that baby is taking.

Come in pack of two.

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0 (NEWBORN), 1 (0M+), 2 (2M+), 3 (4M+), Spill-Free (4M+), X (6M+)