Picnic Baby Halal Food Pouch for 10M+, 3 Flavors

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Flavor: Fried Rice Chicken Liver

Fried Rice Chicken Liver
Fried Rice Chicken Tomato
Salmon Porridge
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Picnic baby is a brand-new yummy baby food for modern parents who love traveling and going out with their loved ones. Picnic baby is a handy yet delicious supplementary food for babies on-the-go. With a spoon in the box, your baby can instantly enjoy the meal whenever/wherever he or she is hungry. This supplementary food is suitable for babies who are 6 months to 3 years old. It helps them to explore new flavors, textures, yet full of nutrients.

What’s Inside Picnic Baby?
Natural and selective ingredients are used to make Picnic Baby a healthy, safe, and tasty baby food. Modern and sanitary processing technology ensures that the food can maintain as many nutrients as possible with a longer shelf-life. Our Picnic Baby products have been tested and tasted by real babies to ensure that your loved ones, too, would enjoy Picnic Baby food.


  • No Coloring and Preservatives
  • No Wheat and Dairy
  • No Added Salt and Sugar
  • All Ingredients are Natural

Retort Pouch Technology
Each retort pouch is hot filled with flash-pasteurized food, sealed, and then heat-treated in a steam/hot water retort vessel to achieve commercial sterilization just to make sure that they are free from the germs. This long-shelf-life food is safe and can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months without adding any preservatives.


  • Open the pouch and ready to feed or heat by simply put the pouch in hot water for 3 minutes


  • Do not put the package into the microwave
  • Once opened, the product must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours
  • Do not feed the baby if the products seem unusual
  • Do not feed baby younger than 6 months old

Available Flavors for 6M+

  • Tasty Rice Porridge with Salmon (10m+) 120g
  • Fried Rice with Tomato and Prune (10m+) 120g
  • Fried Rice with Chicken Liver & Broccoli (10m+) 120g
Additional Information

Fried Rice Chicken Liver, Fried Rice Chicken Tomato, Salmon Porridge