Pigeon SofTouch T-Ester Nursing Baby Bottle, 2 Sizes (200mL, 300mL)

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Volume: 200mL


Design: Dewdrop

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Pigeon SofTouch T-Ester Baby Nursing Bottles provide excellent glass-like clarity for better visibility. This innovative plastic material also has high resistance to UV degradation, making it UV sterilizer friendly. It is the clear choice for your quality feeding time.

Available in 2 sizes - 200ml, 300ml.

Compatible with SofTouch™ Wide-Neck Teat.

For 0+ months and above. 200ml comes with SS size nipple.
For 3+ months and above. 300ml comes with M size nipple.

BPA /BPS free.

Premium clarity.

UV sterilizer friendly.

Innovative material developed and produced in Japan.
Anti-Colic system.

SofTouch™ Wide-Neck teat for seamless switch between breast and bottle.

100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow for natural and smooth tongue movement.

Fits perfectly in the sucking fossa of baby’s mouth.

Each hole size and shape provide suitable milk flow for baby’s development stage.

Inner vertical lines for nipples collapse-resistant help natural tongue movement.

Matt surface allows baby to latch securely.

Backed by over 60 years of extensive research on baby’s sucking behaviour.

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200mL, 300mL


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